“He called to himself
those whom he himself wanted.”

Mk 3:13

“Here I am, for you have called me.”

1 Samuel 3:5

Is Jesus Christ calling me to be a priest? Every young Catholic man who loves Jesus Christ and His Church should ask himself this question. The Melchizedek Project is a small group for Catholic men who are sincere disciples of Jesus and want to discover His plan for their lives. Together, participants will learn what the priesthood is all about and get practical advice on how to discern God’s will from men already answering the call.

Upcoming Sessions

The heart of the Melchizedek Project is the seven sessions. Over the course of seven months, you will learn good information about discernment and the holy priesthood and grow together as brothers with the other men in the group. Even if a man is not called to be a priest, this information will make him a better informed Catholic and give him a greater appreciation for the holy priesthood. There is nothing to lose. Give Jesus seven sessions to learn about discernment and then “go in peace.”

7. Developing a Spiritual Plan of Life

Saturday, Aug 14th

How do you live a life of prayer as a man of God? Learn the most important “building blocks” of the spiritual life and develop your own plan for ongoing prayer and discernment.

Space is limited, so be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot! Registration for each session closes one week before that session.

Learn More

The best way to find out more about the project is to set out into the deep and join us! If you have particular questions, please reach out to the Vocations Team.